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A Sunday Roast

A Sunday Roast

A Sunday Goat Roast – not to be underestimated.

Most Sundays are spent out on the farm feeding and tending to the animals in the morning, followed by paperwork and business and then more feeding and tending in the evening- So when my family and friends do all come together for a roast in our family farmhouse here in Somerset, it’s a loud occasion.

On this particular day I decided to cook a roast leg of goat for family and friends (14 of us in total). The recipe for roast goat can be found on our recipe page.

For 6 of the 14 guests around the table, goat meat was a new adventure, and so I took great delight in seeing how impressed they were with its flavour and texture. Served up with a good heap of crispy roast potatoes, and baked root vegetables, the meat took an impressive wave of compliments throughout the lunch. For somebody whose business relies on the diversity of goat meat and who spends a lot of time marketing the benefits of goat meat for sausages, burgers and other meals, it was really interesting to see that goat meat eaten and enjoyed in the traditional farmers lunch of a roast dinner.