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The grass gets even greener

The grass gets even greener

There is good news ahead of us in 2018. The goats are throughly enjoying the summer air, and Polly has decided to expand the herd into the year ahead. We’re currently looking to begin our own breeding programme here in North Devon.

  Much of the goat meat industry is supported by excess male stock from the dairy industry, and although a very sustainable source of meat, they, (like a dairy cow compared to a meat cow), are far less meaty. Polly is looking to breed from a Cashmere goat, seen here in the herd below, which produces a far more tender, more succulent meat. It will take a few years to establish the herd, but hopefully the results will be worth the time invested.

Customers who have previously tried our meat have commented on its fantastic flavour, and how it tastes far tastier than some previous goat meat experiences- this is a good enough reason if any to expand the herd over the following year!

A Sunday Roast

A Sunday Goat Roast – not to be underestimated.

Most Sundays are spent out on the farm feeding and tending to the animals in the morning, followed by paperwork and business and then more feeding and tending in the evening- So when my family and friends do all come together for a roast in our family farmhouse here in Somerset, it’s a loud occasion.

On this particular day I decided to cook a roast leg of goat for family and friends (14 of us in total). The recipe for roast goat can be found on our recipe page.

For 6 of the 14 guests around the table, goat meat was a new adventure, and so I took great delight in seeing how impressed they were with its flavour and texture. Served up with a good heap of crispy roast potatoes, and baked root vegetables, the meat took an impressive wave of compliments throughout the lunch. For somebody whose business relies on the diversity of goat meat and who spends a lot of time marketing the benefits of goat meat for sausages, burgers and other meals, it was really interesting to see that goat meat eaten and enjoyed in the traditional farmers lunch of a roast dinner.

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to my first post of Polly’s Goat Farm. I’ve been super excited about the prospect of setting up Polly’s Goat Farm, and now here we finally are. Its been a fun journey so far, and we hope this fun will only continue, so stick around for the ride, drop us an email, or connect with us via social media!

Yes ‘goat curry’, but so much more.

Polly’s Goat Farm receives a lot of interest from the general public who are curious as to how to cook goat. A lot of people we have spoken to here at the farm are familiar with goat in only one recipe- Goat Curry (Check out Imah Miah’s Famous Goat curry on our recipe page for the ultimate go to curry). However much we love a good curry here at the farm, we’re trying to encourage the great British public to go out and try goat in other cooking. Our goat sausages offer a perfect healthy alternative for those wanting to try something new, different and twice as yummy! Our goat burgers too are a fun alternative to the beef burger. Keep an eye out on our recipe page for lots of fun interesting recipes, and if you would like to feature on our website as a budding chef, send us an email and let us know your recipe!