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Chevon Sausage Rolls

Chevon Sausage Rolls

Last week I took to baking some goat meat sausage rolls for my family for lunch- the results being quite scrumptious!

I mixed 1 kg of goat mince with 8 tablespoons of mustard and 4 tablespoons of honey and chose to add some chopped red onions to half of the meat.

Seasoned with salt and pepper, I rolled out some lightly floured puff pastry and shaped the mince meat into 4 sausage shapes on top. I then rolled the pastry around each sausage and cut the pastry at the seams creating a perfect parcel.

A mixture of egg and milk was then washed over the pastry, acting as a glue to hold the seam, and adding a tempting glaze to the hot pastry as it came out of the oven.

A dashed poppy seeds over the red onion sausage rolls to recognise them, and popped them all in the oven at 200 degrees C For about 25 minutes.

The results were brilliant- all the sausage rolls got eaten and I’ve already had requests to make more.

Hopefully we’ll be at Dulverton Farmers market selling a variety of these flavours next month, so keep an eye out.